How Do I Meet People?

Orems United Methodist Church is not a place for spectators. It is a place for team members. Whether you are a five-year old child, a ninety-five year old grandmother, a busy mom, or a businessman with big responsibilities, we want you to be a part of our vibrant church community. Here is how you can learn, serve, and grow at OUMC.  

Mission Outreach

One purpose of being United Methodist as preached by John Wesley is to serve others in need. The people of Orems United Methodist Church are very loving and generous in giving their time, finance, and items to our missions. Truly the missions would not survive without their support and generosity. Below are several of the missions we offer.  

Disciples of Yarn

The ladies of the church knit and/or crochet prayer shawls for folks in crisis, plus preemie hats for premature babies. We started in March 2006 and to date have made hundreds. They are prayed into while being made and then blessed in worship by Pastor and the church family. They are then distributed to church members and their friends or family undergoing life crises. The items made by this group touch and bless many lives. To find out more, contact the church office at 410-687-9483. This mission is maintained by Dottie Daiger.  

Food Pantry

This mission provides emergency food to families in crisis. The requests come through the school system or personal calls to the church office. We have food available throughout the year with special baskets at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We service 8-10 families at each holiday. The church is very supportive to bring in food to keep the pantry supplied. This mission is maintained by Pixie Faulkner    

Homeless Mission

In the past we have served the area shelter with casseroles, bottled water, new men’s and women’s underwear and socks and toiletry kits to the shelter. A few years ago, we  became involved with the Streets of Hope Ministry that houses 16 men through the winter at a Church building in our area. We have served food, purchases snacks and clothing items, and shared time with these men. Treating the homeless as “people” and giving them dignity is the best gift you can give. Sharing the Love of Christ with others is the best gift you give yourself.  

Little Feet

This mission donates to four local elementary schools, socks, shoes, underwear,  jackets, backpacks, and other special items throughout the year that the school staff may request for an individual child. This mission is managed by Kathy Cunningham.  

Samaritan’s Purse -Operation Shoe Box

This is a Christmas project started and maintained by the Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse Foundation nationwide. Shoe boxes are filled with different items to be sent to children in need throughout the world. Our church fills 85 to 125 boxes annually.   Angel Tree This mission purchases Christmas gifts for children in local elementary schools selected by their school social worker, as well as their siblings. Lists of children and their gift request (toys and clothing) are placed on a tree in the church so that church members and friends can take names and purchase the items. We handle 30 to  35 children each Christmas.  

Thrift Shop “The Hall Closet”

Open first Saturday of every month unless the first Saturday is a holiday (then it’s the second Saturday). Open 8:30 AM-Noon. We sell house wares, clothing for children, men, and women, jewelry, toys,puzzles, books, craft items, CD’s, DVD’s, videos, fabrics, and more at bargain prices! Come shop or browse! All proceeds benefit the church.  

Small Group

Often, small groups of people are better able to interact and learn about a topic than larger groups are. For that reason, Orems UMC has small bible studies held in member homes. The size of the group is anywhere from six to twelve. At a time, designated by your group, you can participate in the small group study.  

Sunday School

 Currently our Sunday school is suspended while we search for teachers for our children.  We offer Children’s time in our worship and a children’s bulletin for Bible enrichment.  We have a adult class  Seekers that meets in Room 100 next to the church office from 9 am to 9:45 a.m. 

United Women in Faith

Orems  Women in Faith gives the ladies in our church family special times of interaction and supports many charities and projects in the community and in the church. Our women’s circles, meet either in a members home or at the church and are times of Bible study, prayer (and, of course, food). These groups provide a refreshing discipleship opportunity for the women in the church. The larger meeting of  Women is the held on the first Wednesday of each month from September to June. Join us!



Once you get past fifty, the fun has just begun. Whether retired, just plain tired, or active as ever, the over-50 group of Orems UMC provides refreshment, ministry, and times of valuable interaction. The group also participates in day trips to theatres, musuems, dinner theatres etc. They meet the first Thursday of every month year round in our Fellowship hall.